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So this week I had a full week off with no real agenda, catching up with life admin after a very busy few months and hopefully getting a bit of down time.

So Monday morning arrived and I decided I needed to make some lists as I already had things I 'needed' to get done along with a multitude of things I would like to do, hopefully the list would stop the procrastination and I would feel a sense of achievement as I ticked off the lists.

Basically I don't think I looked at the lists after Monday morning and there has been plenty of procrastination and not all the 'need to' jobs have been done. Ah well!

Luckily I booked a few things last week so that I definitely wouldn't squander the whole week. Some yoga classes - tried Kundalini yoga for the first time along with my usual classes, some bootcamp and running, I also booked onto a one to one knitting machine class which was amazing.

The class was held at an artisan art and craft space called 'The Workshop' in Heptonstall, West Yorkshire with the super talented Nic Corrigan.

I arrived very early so had chance for a wander around the village before going to the studio. The village is so beautiful and would be a great base to do many walks from and around.

The whole day was a real treat, Nic was so lovely and welcoming and I feel I learnt so much. I now need to get my machine out of the loft and give it some much needed tlc so I can put all the new knowledge to good use.

Moral to the story, learning something new has sparked my creative juices also...check your lists if you intend to do anything on them!

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